who are we?
chiczando concept is an arts consultancy specializing in cross-platform collaborations in greater china. our goal is to link art and commerce by developing immersive experiences and sustainable solutions through creative marketing strategy and innovative programming.

we aim to provide a comprehensive solution from inception (conceptual, ideas, blueprint) to execution (delivery of event or finished product), whilst imprinting unforgettable experiences. we study each client/brand's DNA to ensure ROI is achieved and measured. think of us as your story-tellers!

we are a dynamic team with solid background and expertise in performance & exhibition curation, arts management, event production, finance, retail & property, marketing and event management.

the inspiration to our name chic-zando derives from the Italian musical term "sforzando" (sfz) which indicates an emphatic boldness + a "chic" creative team.
what we do?
arts consultancy
music/performance production
event management
music distribution
marketing & communications
what is our scope of work?
building cultural infrastructure and performing arts practices
creative branding & marketing concepts for sustainable solutions and measurable success
technical feasibility and commercial usage for creative projects in the area of pop-up, outdoor, temporary, alternative spaces & rejuvenation buildings
content licensing (venue, entertainment, food, music)
content development, strategic planning and advisory
artistic & production management
event management

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